Ten Thoughts Beyond Despair

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Ten Thoughts Beyond Despair

1. “When things fall apart, the hopelessly radical becomes commons sense.” Charles Eisenstein
We’re in that situation now, IMO. Don’t hold back.

2. “Everything possible has been tried and failed. Now it’s time to try the impossible.” Sun Ra
The great jazz musician issued a challenge. What does ‘try the impossible’ mean to you? I try to remember that lots of things have been thought impossible until they tried and succeeded.

3. “When you decide to just be brave, it opens up way more possibilities than trying to be perfect ever could.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
We must share our gifts or die with them unheard. That requires courage. Even if we’re not ready; even if we’re not perfect.

4. “The good deeds that most please God are those done consistently.” — the prophet Muhammad
Not great heroism, but putting service at the core of our existence.

5. “When we give up in despair, something new becomes possible. The old story has reached the end of its telling, and the space is clear for a new story to emerge.” Eisenstein
He calls the new story “Interbeing.” We are not separate; we are all one and can start living like that. From his book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

6. “The only weapon we have is our words, and we need to tuck them in places so wheels don’t turn.” Bayard Rustin
Leader for civil rights, workers’ rights, peace, and gay rights. Chief planner of Dr. King’s 1963 March on Washington. Disciple of Gandhi. Hero and fun guy.

7. “If an animal does something, we call it instinct. When we do the same thing, we call it intelligence.” Anne Benvenuti
Things will be so much better when we realize that animals have intelligence and humans have instinct. It’s not all in our heads.

8. “There is another world, but it is within this one.” William Butler Yeats
The material world is full of spirit. The spiritual is within the material.

9. “Whoever controls the narrative controls the world.” Caitlin Johnstone
Goes along with Rustin’s quote above. Most people live in an all-consuming cocoon of lying media narrative that creates our reality. We have to speak our truth and use our words to break the cocoon open.

10. “Cutting eternity up into hours and minutes, we lose eternity.” I’m not sure who said this, and it’s a little off topic, but it’s good to live in the eternal now, not just on the clock. When we can.

Hope these help. Love and power to you.

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